Poster Instructions

As a poster presenter, you have two options for providing your poster. You can choose whether you want to provide your poster in a traditional PDF format OR as a video poster. Specific information about the formats of the posters are provided below, you must choose one format. Regardless of whether you provide a PDF or video poster, the final poster must be provided by Friday 27th August.

The posters will be available to view on the virtual platform once launched, approximately 1 week before the Meeting and will remain viewable throughout the meeting. Each poster will have a discussion board where other attendees can leave questions or comments for you. Please check your poster discussion board throughout the Meeting so you can promptly respond to any queries.

Please see specific information below for the two formats available.


PDF Poster

If you choose to provide your poster as a PDF, please note the following criteria:

  • must be one page PDF file
  • landscape format, we recommend powerpoint in 16:9 format (this powerpoint template can be used)
  • once you create your PDF, please ensure the contents are readable at 100% size

Please name your PDF file with lastname_firstinitial_first4wordsoftile.pdf and upload using the link provided in your poster acceptance email. 


Video Poster

If you wish to present your poster in a video format, please note your video file must meet the following criteria:

  • be a maximum of 5 minutes
  • consist of a maximum of 5 slides (suggest title, aim / intrduction, method, results, conclusions)
  • Is in a widescreen 16:9 slide format

You can pre-record your video in whatever software you are most familiar with, however we have provided guides below for self-recording in zoom or powerpoint.

Please name your mp4 file with lastname_firstinitial_first4wordsoftile.mp4, if you can host the video on your own you tube or vimeo account then please upload the URL only into the poster upload form on your acceptance email. If you cannot host the video, please email the file to (alternatively a dropbox or google drive link to share the file can be emailed)