Oral Presentations

If your abstract has been accepted for an oral presentation in the program, please refer to your acceptance email to identify if your session is a live session or pre-recorded session.

Please familarise yourself with the Speaker Guide, this guide provides information about the platform, technical requirements and recording.


Pre-Recorded Session

If your session is pre-recorded, please ensure you provide the recording of your presentation by 27th August. Please refer to page 6 of the Speaker Guide above for information on the file format and instructions on how to record and provide your file. You will need to email a dropbox or googledrive link to your mp4 file to blood@theconferencecompany.com.

While you will not be required to join your session live on the day, we do reccomend viewing and participating in the discussion forum on the session. Viewers may leave questions or comments on the discussion forum or contact you via the meeting hub.


Live Session

If your session is live, this means you will need to join the session live on the day. We will provide further information about this process as well as a technical rehearsal closer to the Meeting.

For all live sessions, we do strongly reccomend that you pre-record your presentation to ensure you are not affected by any technical difficulties on the day. If you wish to present live on the day, your recording will only be used as a back up or we can use your recording for your presentation if you prefer. Following your presentation, there will be a dedicated live Q&A time allocated, please refer to your acceptance email for the specific timing of your presentation and Q&A. 

Your pre-recording must be provided by 27th August. If you do not provide a pre-recording, we will assume you wish to present live on the day. It will be mandatory for you to attend a technical rehearsal and the times and dates for these will be sent to you in August.