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        Years of experience in professional production, manufacturing, R & D, sales and service.
        Quality Sincerity Innovate
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        Honesty is like gold, leaving trust, taking satisfaction, high quality, low price, and good faith.

          Shan electric motor devotes itself to the development and manufacture of trip switches and micro switches, as well as OEM foundry. With the fierce competition in the market and better service to domestic customers, the company decided to set up Shanghai Shandian Electric Co., Ltd. in 2006, mainly to pre-sale and after-sales service technical support.

               Over the past few years, with the continuous development of the company's business, the occupancy of the three-dimensional garage industry reached more than 70%, the company decided to set up a Zhejiang Jiaxing assembly plant in 2011, to solve the problem of long order cycle, while the factory has passed ISO-9001 international quality system certification, as well as CCC, CE and other national safety certification.

              Faced with the new era of market competition, independent innovation and the pursuit of excellence is our goal, in recent years, our company has been committed to independent innovation, independent development, for the garage industry launched anti-loosening chain, anti-loosening rope switch, SMV micro-switch, and won a number of utility model invention patents, has been tested by the majority of customers And approval. At the same time, our company for the shoe machine industry push button switch, cross switch and for the construction elevator industry research and development of special operating switches, bridge box switches and so on.

              Our aim is: to keep our customers in mind, to be consistent and consistent, to impress the world.

             Corporate vision has been working hard for mankind to consume less.

           Enterprise mission is the rise of China's industrial automation

              Brand promise technology makes quality.

             Business philosophy customer is the only reason for our existence and development.

          The market is the sole criterion for testing our capabilities and values.